Pitts Model 12 – Phil Symmans

Phil is a seasoned international airshow veteran. He has flown in 2 military jet aerobatic display teams, and in one of the world’s most successful full-time civilian air display teams, as well as displaying the Pitts in Canada. He is experienced in the all-important PR & promo aspects of the airshow business. With over 350 airshows in the Pitts Special alone, he believes his new Pitts Model 12 is the ultimate display machine…….a bigger, higher performance biplane powered by a beloved radial-engine, and wielding an almost-nine-foot diameter propeller …… What’s not to love!! www.symmansaero.com


Pitts Special S2S – Bill Carter

The excitement starts right from the word go. Bill begins his show with a full power, half-roll on takeoff, followed by a very low inverted pass. During his routine, he smoothly executes tailslides, torque rolls, multiple snap rolls and a mile long, knife-edge pass. And of course, there’s the Bill Carter trademark- both inverted and knife-edge ribbon cuts! The Pitts Special is a highly maneuverable aircraft, allowing Bill to keep the performance right in front of the crowd – at all times! Better visibility and excitement make this a show act everyone loves.. www.billcarteraerobatics.com


Boeing Stearman PT-17

Static display and demonstration flight of a1941 Boeing PT-17 (Navy). Faith Hope and Charity Barnstorming Co.


Super Decathlon – Anna Serbinenko

Anna is flying Canadian Flight Centre’s Super Decathlon, a plane built by American Champion Aircraft for the purpose of aerobatic training. It has inverted fuel and oil systems for upside down flight and can handle severe g-forces typical for aerobatics.
You can meet Anna and her Decathlon later after the flight. . www.annaserbinenko.com


Sailplane Magic – Paul Hajduk

Paul Hajduk began flying gliders at the age of 14 in his native country of Hungary. He had his first solo flight when he turned 15. Five years later, he arrived in Canada and worked as a cropduster and fighting forest fires.This line of work took him to places such as Central and South America, South Africa and the USA. He flew every aircraft built or modified for crop spraying from the J-3 Cub to TBM Avengers and DC3s and accumulated over 25,000 flying hours along the way.Since cropdusting goes hand-in-hand with aerobatics, it was natural for him to fly aerobatic airplanes such as the De Havilland, Chipmunk and CAP10, but he now exclusively performs glider aerobatics in an ASW15 sailplane equipped with a smoke system because of its elegance and beauty.For the last five years, Paul has proved that aircraft without engines are a welcome and fun surprise to impress your audience with. He is a unique and powerful performer to add to any airshow lineup!. www.paulhajduk.com


Harvard Mark IV – John Mrazek

Veteran airshow pilot and performer John Mrazek along with his Harvard Mark IV, “Pussycat II,” will dazzle audiences, spectators, or anyone watching with a spectacular aerial ballet. With lots of noise, smoke, and skill, John’s aerobatic performance will bring the entire airshow crowd to a standstill. John is a well known aerobatic airshow performer with over twenty five years experience flying the airshow circuit. When John is not flying airshows, he is instructing in the art of aerobatics, formation flying, and float flying. Before and after each performance, you can find both signing autographs, taking pictures, and conversing with the fans to give even the biggest of events a personal touch that leaves the fans with an experience unmatched by any other professional sporting or entertainment event. www.airshows.ca


2 Harvards – David Watson and Drew Watson

Edmonton brothers David Watson and Drew Watson will be here with 2 Harvards www.yellowthunder.ca


T-28 Trojan – Peter Herzig


Nanchang CJ-6 – Paul Dumoret



T-28 Trojan – Bruce Evans


Yak 18T – Richard Mrazek

Richard flies a graceful aerobatic display in a Yak 18T. www.airshows.ca


MTO Sport Gyro

Mark Humbke started flying The MTO Sport Gyro in New Zealand in 2008. A greta part of his training took place in New Zealand…along with additional training in Costa Rica, Quebec, and Houston.

He participated in a 10 day flying adventure in 2010 in the New Zealand Air Safari with 66 other aircraft which included 5 gyros flying in formation from the top of the North Island to bottom of the South Island.

The MTO Sport Eagle was shipped to Penticton, B.C., Canada in June 2010 from New Zealand where he is continuing on with his flying adventures doing local airshows.

At the moment Mark has been putting the final touches on his Gyro Instructors Rating.. hopefully a future in something he really enjoys..demonstrating the attributes of this amazing flying machine..